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***This website, ( is a privately owned and operated commercial website. We are not affiliated nor associated with the City of Chino Hills.***

To contact the City of Chino Hills, please visit their website at (

On this site, we share news, opinions, events, and information about the city and the surrounding communities.  We also plan to have a business directory and offer advertising.  If you would like to:

  • Share information on an event,
  • Publish information about your real estate Open House
  • Write articles for, or 
  • Advertise on

please fill in the form on our Contact Page.

History of

I run this website. My name is Joe Alagna. My wife, Christine, and I have lived in Chino Hills since 1989 before it became a city. We raised two sons here and will probably call it home for the rest of our lives (our boys both got married, and now we have seven granddaughters who live nearby :-)).

I love this community, and since I like sharing information online and helping others, I’ve always had some kind of community website operational. The oldest one was at, which I put up in 2000. It’s still running but very much out of date. I have my own server, so it doesn’t cost me much to leave it there for posterity’s sake. 

Over the years, I wanted to shorten that domain name and make it easy for people to remember, but the person with the rights to it was not responding to my inquiries. Then in 2007, I had an opportunity. I sold one of my other domain names for an amount that I felt would turn the registrant’s head or at least get his interest. I contacted a domain name broker I knew and asked if he would contact the registrant and make him an offer. He did so, and the offer was accepted (I’d rather not disclose the amounts involved, but it was a substantial fee). Within a month, I had sold one valuable domain and bought another that I really wanted,, for the same amount!

My younger son is a web developer and built the first version of our site, and we had a great response to it. We kept that site operational from 2007 up until 2016. In 2016, I had to shut the site down due to other job responsibilities, but I kept the domain name. Fast forward to 2021, I opened up an insurance agency in town and have been working close to home. So I decided to fire this site up again.  


Today, my son is busy with his family and his own business, so I’ve restarted the website on my own and plan to continue its development over time. The plan is to make it a local community resource again, sharing information and news about that community and not just writing but also allowing others in the community to write. My goal is to hear from you. What do you want to share with others? If we get to know each other, I’ll be happy to give you a login and let you write regularly about something that you think will benefit the community and the public. We’d love your thoughts on the local schools, business, real estate, events, sports, and more.